HR Strategy & Advisory Services

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

PREDICTIVEHR offers strategic advisory services to help you build, strategize and invest in your people so you can stay ahead of industry trends. From vendor selection to managing complex organizational change, our advisors work with you to tackle your biggest challenges.

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HR Strategies That
Fit Your Business

Unlike other consultancies, this is a full-service solution for HR leaders and executives who are looking to make data-informed decisions that affect business strategy, workforce planning, and much more. We help you mitigate change, navigate improvements, make informed decisions and drive business results.

Strategic Forecasting

This includes workforce planning for both short-term needs as well as longer-term forecasting of areas with significant risk, so you can establish strategies and plans to mitigate or even eliminate those risk areas.


We help you design and implement a talent strategy that supports your business plan, establishes your competitive advantage, and supports your organization’s strategic objectives so HR drives value and creates the foundation for growth.


We develop predictive models so you can make informed decisions about talent market trends, hiring strategies, retention tactics, M&A (merger & acquisition) activities, and succession planning.


Whether you’re trying to optimize your vendor selection, manage a new program, or mitigate risk, PREDICTIVEHR offers decision support, a map to get there, and offer insights along the way.

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Strategy for
Tomorrow and Beyond

To effectively design, build, and implement a long-term talent strategy requires accurate data on which you can base key people decisions. PREDICTIVEHR has deep industry experience serving the HR function. Combined with our unique approach to data management, it’s an unbeatable combination. We help:

  • Identify the right data sources throughout the enterprise
  • Create and understand a single source of truth
  • Ensure all data is normalized
  • Manage and deploy to get everyone on board

Our consultants use healing, support and elevation to bring the human element into our strategic and advisory services consulting and help you look like a rockstar.

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Free From the RFP

This is an overarching solution for HR Professionals. There’s no need to go out and find a consultant to figure out the issue, another to recommend the technology, a firm to build a strategy on how to solve it, and then hire a recruiting firm to get the human power on the ground to finally get it done. The RFPs alone would deter any HR practitioner who wants to make a difference quickly.

PREDICTIVEHR does it all.

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