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PREDICTIVEHR Increased Hiring Rates And Streamlined Financial Operations

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Better the Future
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What did PREDICTIVEHR accomplish at a digital experience platform company?

PREDICTIVEHR implemented an enterprise platform across numerous HR, Financial, and Operational Systems — streamlining their hiring process.

By implementing a set of CEO and Executive dashboards, the CHRO was able to better organize and manage staff expenses across every global IT development center.

Empowered with more thoughtful hiring decisions, the new workforce planning dashboard now helps the HR department manage employee productivity and staffing needs.

What can PREDICTIVEHR do for your business?


Transform your current ATS into a streamlined enterprise platform.


Engineered to strengthen and adapt to your changing business needs.



Organize, manage, and hire more efficiently with custom dashboards.



Not just a hiring tool, but a complete solution to your unique business needs.

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