Avoid these 4 Myths About People Analytics to Create a Better Future for Your Business

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Better the Future
of Your Business

Learn About the 4 Myths:

People analytics allow you to make good decisions and predictions for your business by rationalizing complex data and creating actionable insights from it. In short, you need them. You have to plan for the future and you need analytics to get you there. So why are so many business owners reluctant to take the plunge?

Like many forward-thinking things, people just have some misconceptions about what people analytics can actually accomplish. And who wants to really commit to something they don’t fully understand?

We get it. So we’ve created this guide to help clear up some of the misconceptions swirling around people analytics. In this guide, we’ll discuss the 4 Myths:


People Analytics predictions are inaccurate because they aren’t perfect.


Correlation is causation so analytics are unreliable.



People Analytics only helps HR and not other parts of the organization.



Reporting and Analytics are the same so your current dashboards are sufficient.

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