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Custom HR Solutions For a Retail Enterprise with PREDICTIVEHR

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What did PREDICTIVEHR accomplish at a national retail enterprise?

PREDICTIVEHR offered a retail enterprise customized HR solutions for their unique challenges. By partnering with PREDICTIVEHR, the company saved significant amounts of money and resources — allowing them to review employment data and put in catch alls that kept veteran employees staying.

PREDICTIVEHR also helped the retail enterprise reopen all its locations previously closed due to a lack of staff during the global health crisis. This, in turn, immediately increased retention rates, streamlined business financials, and set them up for a strong path for future success.

How can PREDICTIVEHR help power up your retail enterprise?

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Rebuild your business in half the time for half the cost


Adaptable to the constant changes in the current talent landscape



Improve your enterprise platforms and technologies



PREDICTIVEHR offers hands-on support for your unique business needs

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