Remote Workforce Management

Stay engaged with your furloughed and remote workforce. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the workplace dynamic and communication is the lifeblood of any organization in retaining
the best employees. One of the primary reasons employees
change jobs is they don’t feel engaged with their company.
This is especially crucial with furloughed workers and a remote
workforce who may feel less connected. Clear and consistent
communications are the foundation of building engagement,
reinforcing their value to the organization as vital members of
the team.

PredictiveHR’s analytics and consulting merge historical insights
with innovative best practices to achieve optimal results in three
key areas:

Identifying High-Value Furloughed

PredictiveHR’s proprietary analytics, communication tools and
thought leader consulting help to identity and retain your
highest-value furloughed employees. Our impactful data
prioritizes whom to return to work and when.

Workload Planning

In periods of transition, PredictiveHR offers comprehensive
solutions to consolidating/reorganizing departments, efficiently
addressing workload challenges and communicating effectively
with employees to reduce stress and keep them personally
invested in being a contributor to the company’s future.

Re-Engagement Screening

PredictiveHR intuitive re-engagement screenings gets to the
heart of why employees may feel disengaged from the company
and are looking elsewhere for opportunities. We gather the
essential information that gives your HR team the information
needed to take specific and targeted action to provide the
professional and personal guidance to keep high-valued

Learn How We Can Help You During Transitions