PredictiveHR Coronavirus Response

“The new normal.” By now, this phrase has become a cliche as businesses navigate the challenges wrought by the pandemic. Here at PredictiveHR, we feel strongly that there is nothing normal about covid and business going forward is anything but business as usual. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to working with you to offer recruitment solutions in the safest and most covid-compliant means possible. Whether your business has remained in operation during the coronavirus outbreak or is in the process of re-opening, our hands-on client acquisition professionals will work with you on a customized approach to attracting and iring the talent you need to move forward. We know that the only “normal” is your commitment to your business’ success and the health and safety of your employees. We share your commitment.

The PredictiveHR Advantage

Even before the pandemic and the country’s shutdown, PredictiveHR had established best practices for hiring and managing employees working remotely. Whether hiring in-person or remotely, we will help you build a successful team and implement those best practices. PredictiveHR also works with you to find the best solutions to help you build a talent pipeline with accomplished long-term employees. Combining our proprietary AI platform with our hands-on staff of vetted professionals, Predictive HR’s customized solutions put the “human” back into HR.

Get Your ROI Within 30 Days

Break away from conventional external recruiting. PredictiveHR makes a positive impact within 72 hours with our cutting edge comprehensive employee data and thought-leading insights that match you with the employees that are the perfect fit for your company.

We Guarantee Our Hires

From job candidate to long-term employees; ask about PredictiveHR’s customized employee retention plans.


PredictiveHR’s employees come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Their unique perspectives are the foundation of our creative thinking and problem-solving that provide the workforce solution created specifically for your needs.

Why PredictiveHR

  • Global recruiting capabilities (APJ, EMEA, Americas)
  • Recruiting throughout your whole organization structure
  • Working with your team as an individual contributor or
    enterprise wide
  • Identifying and recruiting your top performers
  • Ability to assess technical skills of engineering candidates
  • Positive return on investment
  • Detailed reporting through our Analytics Platform
  • ATS Agnostic (We can use yours or our own)
  • Ability to expand and contract our teams
  • Outside the box recruitment strategy

Ready to Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Solutions?