Customizable Comprehension Recruitment Solutions

PredictiveHR optimizes talent acquisition at every level of the process. Our top priority is achieving the best possible outcomes for your company’s unique objectives. Whether working with you internally or remotely, or whether we are helping you fulfill a specific recruiting need or serving as a fully integrated member of your team, PredictiveHR has a customized best practices solution for your company:

  • Candidate screening and scheduling
  • Assessments
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Organizing and prioritizing candidates
  • Ownership of talent acquisition
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Consulting
  • Re-engagement screening
  • …and more

Customize Your Experience With Us

On-Demand Services (ODS)

PredictiveHR’s customized On-Demand Services are designed and implemented project-based initiatives that accomplish your specific hiring or candidate-sourcing objective. Reporting is provided according to the client’s needs.

Flexible RPO (FRPO)

From core recruitment processes to candidate screening and/or testing, PredictiveHR’s FRPO services and solutions allow you to customize every step of the recruiting process quickly. Standardized reporting is included to bring the greatest possible transparency to the solution.

Enterprise RPO (ERPO)

The complete package! Long- or short-term, PredictiveHR’s Enterprise RPO solutions are designed as comprehensive and fully outsourced solution. We are laser-focused on doing what is the most efficient and most financially viable for your company, whether we take ownership of your recruitment process or source you a Talent Acquisition specialist.

Learn How We Can Help You During Transitions