You need to make more hires than ever and you can’t afford to sacrifice quality for speed. You need an on-demand solution that will solve for NOW.

PREDICTIVEHR Recruiter-On-Demand services offer focused help to organizations throughout all industries during challenging periods of the recruitment cycle.

The Recruiting Help You Need,
When You Need It

PREDICTIVEHR’s Recruiter-On-Demand services can help you attract, recruit and hire top talent to your company. PredictiveHR can expand and contract with your hiring needs with guarantees.  Our tailored Recruiter-On-Demand solutions include:


PREDICTIVEHR doesn’t need additional training. Our recruiters seamlessly jump into your team, on-demand, to help solve the pressing issues you have TODAY.


We aren’t there to replace your recruiters and sources, we’re there to support them. Your issues become our issues and we work collaboratively to solve them.


When resources are scarce, organizations may rely on project-based recruitment to save time and streamline goals. Own every aspect of your talent pipeline.

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Solve Scalability, Diversity, Cost, Quality and Other Recruiting Challenges

PREDICTIVEHR offers a more advantageous recruitment process with our project-based outsourcing solutions and Recruiter On-Demand. Our options for finding qualified candidates are available to clients who are looking to grow and elevate their business. With Project solutions and Recruiter On-Demand, we:

  • Provide a forecast of costs and timelines
  • Improve the candidate experience
  • Make your employer brand shine through successful hiring
  • Help you fill positions quickly, effectively and efficiently
  • Introduce predictive analytics into the process in order to plan for fluctuations in demand instead of trying to react to them as they occur