PHR CHRO Executive Lens™ Workforce Analytics Software

Monitor and Optimize Your Workforce

Harness the Power of Predictive Data

With PHR Integrity™, you no longer have to choose between the scalability and agility of accessing employee data or using spreadsheets to track all your workforce data. It’s all there at your fingertips, a single source of truth to inform executives’ real business decisions for today and help predict solutions for tomorrow.

Our scalable, automated workforce analytics software allows full visibility into your entire talent population by optimizing, normalizing, and presenting your data in easy-to-understand reports and rich data visualizations. Act on industry and organizational insights faster and adapt to changing workforce demands with PHR Integrity™.

With PredictiveHR Integrity™ you have:

  • Data aggregation and normalization from every system
  • Customizable Executive Lenses for each operational role
  • Industry-leading insights inside the platform
  • At-a-glance predictive analytics and reporting
  • Systems integration recommendations
  • Single sign-on security
  • HR system workflow optimizations
  • Real-time data visibility across the organization
  • Executive-ready business and operational forecasts
  • Built-in machine learning functionality
  • Real-time automatic updates and reports
  • Powerful modeling capabilities

PHR Integrity™ and CHRO Executive Lens™ were built by HR Leaders for HR Leaders. Our expert team understands the issues business leaders face and we’ve baked that knowledge into a powerful AI-powered platform to support your business objectives.

Single Source of Truth for Business Alignment

PHR Integrity™ consolidates your workforce data by aggregating, normalizing, and cleansing it for additional clarity. Instead of working with multiple spreadsheets, disparate systems, or assigning an employee to structure or report on data, you’ll have the transparency you need to leverage success.

Create it Your Way

The CHRO Executive Lens ™ offers simple, flexible, and customizable Lenses enabling you to see what’s most important and predict outcomes so you’re always one step ahead.

Total Control and Governance

Take control to improve your data relationship management and alignment to ensure your data is handled consistently and properly.

Avoid Costly Oversights

Stop trying to guess why your employees are leaving. Our Lenses combined with PHR Integrity™ can help identify recruiting bottlenecks, predict future attrition rates, issues in retention, and can even help you avoid potential future missteps with powerful, visual and predictive tools.

Focus on What Matters the Most

Our HR software allows you to focus on what you need to really see to make the right decision with seamless support. Remove chaos and reveal strategic insights to plan for things ahead of time.

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