About the Client

Service King Collision Repair is a national automotive collision repair company. It was founded in 1976 by Eddie Lennox in Dallas, Texas. Service King is one of the largest providers of collision repair services in Texas and the United States.

The Business Situation

  • Blackstone owned 6500 employee company with over 300 repair centers
  • Repair Technicians were responsible for driving revenue
  • High technician turnover rates were affecting the company’s performance
  • The CHRO and CEO were unable to determine causes and solutions to alleviate technician turnover


  • Implemented an enterprise platform across numerous HR, Financial, and Operational systems
  • 500 PHR platform licenses were issued across the general management team
  • Utilized a C-Level analytics dashboard to dial in on causes of technician turnover
  • The value of the PHR added strategic solutions to drive down technician turnover

The Outcome

  • PHR devised an enterprise improvement plan to remediate technician turnover
  • The CHRO and CEO used the PREDICTIVEHR platform to drive business results across the entire enterprise
  • PREDICTIVEHR utilized predictive workforce analytics & planning to measure and predict future production levels and staffing across the company

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