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When it comes to talent, each company has different needs and challenges. That’s why we partner with you to find the right people for your company, no matter how small or large.  PredictiveHR is a global resource that can help organization expand into all corners of the world.  Making sure you are compliant with local and country laws while working with your applicant tracking system.

Talent acquisition is evolving rapidly as organizations and the skills they need change over time. Talent acquisition needs to be innovative and able to scale up with today’s constantly-evolving companies.

The Recruiting Help You Need,
When You Need It

When you partner with PREDICTIVEHR, your company will not only find top candidate prospects quickly and with fewer resources but also create a great hiring experience for them.


Our team of recruiters help your organization find and attract top talent by adapting to your company culture, serving as a bridge between employees and employers, and always staying true to the needs of the company.


Your Client Services team strives to provide the best level of customer service, especially through busy times when staffing gets low. We follow the procedures we’ve agreed on and deliver tangible results for you and your organization.


We have the flexibility and scalability to respond to changing business objectives—whether with our experienced recruiters, for special projects or hard-to-fill positions or quickly disengaging if hiring volumes decrease.

Explore Our Custom Solutions

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We’re accustomed to tackling tricky situations. Our search consultants are experienced in high-stakes searches — including VP roles and executive or board level positions. Our search consultants take the time to understand your company and identify a candidate that matches your needs.

We’ll present a list of skill-sets, leadership patterns, and company fit for each key player. Then, our search consultants use proprietary tools—including artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and other emerging technologies—to help you make informed hiring decisions. Take some of the pressure off by retaining us to identify, evaluate and shortlist candidates.

PREDICTIVEHR will provide you with periodic updates and insights from the market for your consideration.

Our strategic search team will help you find the best candidate for your position and close the deal.

We will work with you through negotiating terms and after-the-fact to make sure everything is going according to plan.

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The Growth Engine

It’s difficult to find sales talent in today’s economy, and the difficulty increases when looking for workers with great sales experience. Due to the high demand for these positions, techniques used by other recruiters will not attract the best salespeople.

From the SDR to VP of Sales, PREDICTIVEHR helps you identify and develop a consistent talent pipeline with our unique partnership recruitment process outsourcing to develop a consistent, always-on sales talent pipeline.

When your sales positions remain open for an extended period of time, you’re putting a strain on the company budget. RPO fills these roles well with our blend of talent solutions which include:

  • Decreased time-to-fill
  • More predictable costs
  • Supercharged growth
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Better candidate experience and sentiment
  • Creating focused roadmaps based on region and/or industry
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Top Talent

You’re unique, and so are your business needs. That’s why it’s important to change the traditional top-down approach of recruitment for a methodology that empowers everyone on your company to give input and help you find talent that will grow with you.

Finding the talent needed to create a successful SaaS company is tough. Fortunately, at PREDICTIVEHR, we’ve developed strategies and roadmaps to help you. Our custom SaaS solutions keep the hottest candidates highest on your radar.

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Heroes Needed

Rising costs for healthcare, changing regulations and the need to hire a global workforce have created unique challenges in recruitment. With the shortage of healthcare talent in both clinical and non-clinical roles, organizations want to find new strategies that will help them attract and hire the best candidates.

To maintain a competitive edge in the medical employment industry, leading healthcare organizations understand they need best-in-class recruitment and contingency workforce management solutions. We help medical professionals find jobs quickly and easily while reducing time spent on sourcing and screening candidates, enabling employers to fill urgent openings faster and reduce costs.

Solutions from PREDICTIVEHR include recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), on-demand recruitment, managed TA services, and talent advisory capabilities. All supported by our IntegrityAI engine.

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Always-On Need

You already know that aggressive hiring presents unique challenges. There is fierce competition for hourly talent, now more than ever, and it can be difficult to provide an adequate candidate experience while facing other demands of the job.

PREDICTIVEHR’s predictive technology and intelligent automation allows organizations to leverage high-volume hiring strategies, which gives both candidates and managers great experiences.

We’ve developed a data-driven, technology-focused approach to hourly recruiting. This helps our clients recruit faster, with less hassle, and without sacrificing candidate experience.

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Strategies for The Modern Company

The demands of the workplace have changed, and that means it is time for companies to start meeting those needs with new strategies. To help you determine the best hiring strategies for your company, PREDICTIVEHR helps determine what is most important to you and your business.

Demands for technically skilled candidates are only growing stronger. As companies work to compete for these highly skilled employees, recruiters are increasingly pressured to do more with less. PREDICTIVEHR gives you the support you need to meet these new demands.

By partnering with the right RPO provider, you’ll find it more efficient to hire. Additionally, you can avoid costly mistakes and wasted resources in your workforce.

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