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About PredictiveHR

PredictiveHR was created with the belief that Human Resources sits on vast quantities of important data that companies have, and that’s its people. Most commonly, organizations store their employee intelligence so chaotically, that it is impossible to retrieve it for meaningful use. We believe in the value of gaining predictive insights so that companies can solve the workforce problems they didn’t know they had.

Endless Growth

Fuel your talent and growth by building relationships with leaders throughout predictive analytics to help guide organizations on how they can make more informed and impactful decisions.


Our first priority at PredictiveHR is to take care of our team when they need it the most. We’ve built a reliable healthcare plan to keep you covered so you can work with peace of mind.


We love our work, but sometimes it’s essential to take some much-needed time off to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our generous PTO gives you the downtime you need, when you need it.

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