Our Mission

 We created PredictiveHR with the belief that Human Resources sits on what's arguably the most important data that companies have, but it's almost always stored in disparate systems that make it unusable.  We believe that organizing and interpreting this data can drastically increase HR's ability to bring value.  Our mission is to convert unstructured data into powerful reports that provide actionable insights.  In so doing, we optimize HR's ability to attract and retain the talent needed to meet the growth objectives of the business.

Our Approach

The promise of workforce analytics is very much dependent on two key factors:  the depth and quality of available data and the expertise applied to interpreting it.  Any shortcomings within the data or its interpretation will compromise what value that workforce analytics can bring to an organization.

We provide the most comprehensive employee data possible in an easy to use, real time platform with rich visualizations.  When needed, we apply our deep HR domain expertise to help interpret that data and build a solid plan of action – complete with measurable KPI's and milestones. The end result is that HR plays a proactive role in optimizing the talent needed to meet the growth objectives of your organization.


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