Leading the Way to a New HR Function

Our leaders have walked in your shoes and they know what you’re dealing with. These former practitioners are the people who make PREDICTIVEHR possible.

We provide organizations robust reporting capabilities and comprehensive consulting services to proactively improve their workforce and ensure the organization has the insights and talent needed to grow their business.

James Troiano

CEO and Founder

Charles Occhino

Head of Technology

Adrienne Occhino

Head of Human Capital Consulting

Jeanne McCloskey

Head of Talent Acquisition Solutions

Neil Shah

Chief Revenue Officer

Melinda Yarger

Sr. Director Strategic Consulting

Making Smart Decisions to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Together, we help progressive inundated HR professionals access data, guidance, and talent to make smart decisions and sharpen their competitive edge in the post-pandemic world. With our tech know-how, they can better manage a dispersed workforce, offer competitive rates, and scale up and down at the drop of a hat.