About Us

Empowering a New View of Work

Our Mission

PredictiveHR was created with the belief that Human Resources sits on vast quantities of important data that companies have, and that’s its people. 

Most commonly, organizations store their employee intelligence so chaotically, that it is impossible to retrieve it for meaningful use. We believe in the value of gaining predictive insights so that companies can solve the workforce problems they didn’t know they had.

Our HR people analytics software converts unstructured data into powerful reports that provide actionable insights. In doing so, we optimize HR’s ability to attract and retain qualified talent needed to meet the growth objectives of the business. 

Our Approach

The driving force behind workforce analytics is the dependence on three key factors: the accessibility and quality of available data, the ability to extract the data, and the expertise applied to interpret it. 

Any shortcomings within the data or its interpretation will compromise the value that workforce analytics can bring to an organization.

  • PredictiveHR provides the most comprehensive employee data possible in a customizable, real-time platform.
  • We apply our deep HR domain expertise to help interpret relevant data points and build a solid plan of action that’s complete with measurable KPIs and milestones. 
  • The result: Management plays a proactive role in enhancing talent to meet the growth objectives of your organization.

Are you ready to optimize your workforce data?