PREDICTIVEHR is a team of seasoned consultants led by experienced practitioners with a combined 100+ years of experience in Human Capital Management across People, Processes, and Technology. We recognized a gap in HR practitioners’ access to solutions that could be tailored to their diverse needs.

PREDICTIVEHR was born out of helping HR professionals solve problems, whether recruiting or retention, system implementation or core HRIS work, our team of experts offers assistance from “in the trenches” because we’ve been there too.

Our comprehensive, customizable solution provides Human Capital Consulting, Talent Acquisition Solutions, and Technology (Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling) to solve your talent management challenges.


Human Resources has never had the opportunity to evolve into the reporting group they deserve. The tools weren’t developed in line with the needs. Now HR has data warehouses in an attempt to aggregate data. But HR does access business information alongside the data.

Our flexible solutions offering means you get the right insights at the right time. This helps you develop the right growth strategies as your company evolves.

With PREDICTIVEHR, HR has the support it needs to become a value center. The story that changes the budget cycle, the seat at the table, the mountains of data that mean virtually nothing sitting in a data lake.

We take a consultative approach to understand your challenges and build people, processes, and technology solutions specific to your company’s needs.


PREDICTIVEHR grew almost organically from years of experience in the HR profession. As PREDICTIVEHR consultants solved more and more issues for their client organizations, technology in the form of solutions began to emerge.

PREDICTIVEHR is a solutions platform that offers a holistic approach to HR Consulting and Technology. Combining years of practitioner research to develop unparalleled HR business partners, they’ve built cutting-edge solutions for their clients, and when combined, create a powerful offering the Big 4 cannot match.

When clients partner with PREDICTIVEHR, they also gain access to recruiting augmentation to grow their Human Resources department into a world-class business discipline that impacts the bottom line, changing HR from a reactive cost center to a proactive value-producing function.

Today, along with recruiting augmentation, the three pieces of PREDICTIVEHR come together to create a complete offering. PREDICTIVEHR is the only solutions platform built by HR, for HR.

How is PREDICTIVEHR Different?

PREDICTIVEHR is the consulting equivalent of the “easy button”. Our consultants partner with you, then bring in technology that integrates with your unique business needs, to solve your problems. When you’re ready to grow and scale, we can help you build a team.

Many of our competitors offer small pieces of these things, we believe our holistic approach, thoroughly vetted by HR practitioners across the globe, sets us firmly apart.

PREDICTIVEHR offers a shared voice across the shared vision of who the HR practitioner deserves to be. We help HR companies really evolve and move into a business function with real muscle. Alongside our clients, we are very much trying to change the HR landscape. At PREDICTIVEHR, we offer the tools, consulting, and technology to move away from reactive HR to proactive and predictive, a true business unit.

Our Culture


We aim to provide impactful, value-add consulting to help HR teams reach optimal performance.


We are driven by curiosity and thrive in a continuous improvement culture.


We are relentless in our goal to identify the most innovative solution tailored for your organization.


We applaud the efforts that continuously improve our offerings and provide extraordinary results for our clients.



PREDICTIVEHR’s tailored solutions accelerate our clients’ Human Capital management capabilities.

We help clients beAware, beInformed, and bePREDICTIVE so they can unlock insights and get the support they need to build resilience in their people, process, and technology frameworks.

Delivering extraordinary results to clients endorses our value proposition. As we continue to grow, we will raise that bar and we need extraordinary colleagues who can meet that challenge.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your resume or apply now.

Why Partner with PREDICTIVEHR?

PREDICTIVEHR does some amazing things, and sometimes the only way to show it is to, well show it. Watch how we’ve transformed how the world looks at HR, data, and business.