Human Resource Management Empowering HR Through People Analytics

We Empower HR Leaders with Unique, Comprehensive Solutions

Recruiting. Retention. Engagement. Scalability.

Executives know human error and long lag times are impacting their ability to make real-time decisions for their businesses. Especially those who rely on enterprise software, disparate streams of HR technology, or misclassified or duplicated data structures.

That’s why at PredictiveHR our sole purpose is to empower executives with insights from their people, finance, and operational data, no matter where that data lives, through our comprehensive solution and HR expertise.

Empowering HR Solutions at These Client Partners:

Turning Data into Workforce Insights

With one solution provider, you can:

  • Connect all your people systems in one place for a single source of truth. We aggregate and normalize your talent data from HR, Finance, Operations and external sources into one, centralized platform.
  • Apply robust expertise to each element of your workforce strategy. 24/7 guidance and HR expertise to help management implement people analytics solutions and additional support to help leaders develop their workforce program.
  • Strengthen your existing staff to support and elevate your internal service offerings. Our comprehensive CHRO Executive Lens™ identifies performance and engagement key drivers while our subject matter experts work with you to apply that knowledge and create action plans.

The Technology to Identify and Predict Your Biggest Pain Points

Every role within an organization has different responsibilities and data that impact the high-visibility decisions they must make. Yet, without a solution in place, it can be difficult for HR leaders to see different sides of the same data to glean how to move forward.

Powered by our PredictiveHR’s Integrity™, a platform built on AI, we take your uncleansed data or disparate systems to aggregate, normalize, and glean insights from all your employee data.

In tandem with our platform, our CHRO Executive Lens™ provides role-specific reports to give you additional clarity and insights to identify pain points and solve them.

The People to Implement Your Most Creative Strategies

The best ideas in the world still need people to implement them. That’s why PredictiveHR offers staff augmentation to help you drive change in your organization, support your implementations or seasonal initiatives, and elevate your team as you build the best workplace possible. Best of all, your PredictiveHR team is there when you need them, and just a phone call away when you’re ready to move forward internally.

The Expertise to Support Your Boldest Initiatives

PredictiveHR delivers a unique blend of expertise and process implementation to support organizations in optimizing their talent systems. Our HR Consultants have been where you are and we can support and elevate you in all aspects of your work.

We support companies with talent attraction, employee assessments, hiring selection, and talent name just a few of our areas of subject matter expertise.

The PredictiveHR Trifecta to Support, Elevate, and Empower your Workforce

You can use PredictiveHR’s people analytics solutions to identify your biggest issues and normalize your employee data. You can lean on our expertise to validate and support your boldest ideas. You can use our qualified, vetted staff to augment and scale your workload. But the best use of PredictiveHR is using all these solutions together, in a collaborative process that’s available whenever you need it. Our products and services allow for more informed and impactful decision making.