Our Mission

PredictiveHR is a Boston based consulting and technology company.  We created PredictiveHR with the belief that Human Resources sits on what's arguably the most important data that companies have, but it's almost always stored in disparate systems that make it unusable.  We believe that organizing and interpreting this data can drastically increase HR's ability to bring value.  Our mission is to convert unstructured data into powerful reports that provide actionable insights.  In so doing, we optimize HR's ability to attract and retain the talent needed to meet the growth objectives of the business.


Our Approach

We believe that the promise of Workforce Analytics is very much dependent on two key things:  The depth and quality of available data and the expertise applied to interpreting it.  Any shortcomings within the data or it's interpretation will compromise what value, if any, workforce analytics can bring to an organization.

With those beliefs as our foundation, our approach is simple:  First we seek to provide the most comprehensive employee data possible in an easy to use, real time platform with rich visualizations.  Second, when needed, we apply our deep domain expertise to help interpret that data and build a solid plan of action complete with measurable KPI's and milestones. The end result is that HR can play a proactive role in optimizing the talent needed to meet the growth objectives of their organization.





David has been building successful companies in the Human Capital Space for over 20 years.  A pioneer in the RPO industry he founded TalentFusion which was recently sold to Monster/Randstad.  David also served in various executive level roles including leading the global recruitment efforts at Keane as they grew from $300M to $1.2B in three years.

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Charles Occhino

Chief Technology Officer

Charles is an enterprise data architect and technology executive at PredictiveHR. Charles has over 20 years of proven leadership aligning creative progressive technology with aggressive client goals. He is now spearheading PHR’s human capitol reporting platform. Charles’s industry leading experience crafting artificial intelligence solutions is a valuable asset to PredictiveHR’s software and service solutions.

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James Troiano


James has over 15 years of experience helping companies choose, implement and optimize HRMS systems that meet the needs of the business.  He has extensive experience providing rich reporting and visualization capabilities and data analysis and interpretation.

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Scott Santoro

Talent Strategy

Global talent leader focused on strategic, operational, and executive level support for talent planning, talent acquisition, and talent management initiatives to obtain business goals.  Experienced in building, and motivating human resource teams, implementing sustainable talent programs and processes that drive talent engagement.

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