What Data Supports Your Workforce Decisions?

The inability to access real-time information regarding your organization’s human resources makes it impossible to plan and control your most critical asset, your people. In today’s fast paced business environment, quarterly, or even monthly, human resources reports aren’t enough.

Given the costs of sourcing, hiring, onboarding, managing, and sun-setting employees, CEOs, CFOs, and the executive suite need accurate analytics and up-to-the-minute information.

How many employees are on the payroll right now? How many contractors are currently engaged? What is your revenue per employee? What is the cost of attrition? What are the benefits of developing talent internally?

The PredictiveHR platform integrates people analytics, predictive workforce planning solutions, and industry leading HR systems expertise – giving you the information you need to make better business decisions, right now.


What We Do

PredictiveHR provides professional services and rich reporting capabilities for Human Resource professionals.  We optimize processes and systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide the right foundation for sophisticated reporting.  The PredictveHR Platform combines big data with machine learning to provide powerful, predictive reporting capabilities.  Our offerings transform HR’s ability to proactively manage their workforce and ensure the organization has the right talent needed to achieve growth objectives and control costs.



Our seasoned consultants can help with People, Process, and System Optimization as well as Internal Talent Effectiveness and Optimization.  Using our proprietary PredictiveHR Platform, we can also assist with Predictive Headcount Analysis.  

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Extensive experience optimizing HR systems to help HR be more effective while reducing long term administrative costs.  Our expertise includes the design, implementation, integration, and maintenance of any HR system. Follow on support services include process adoption, change management, training and documentation.

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Our staff can help with overall recruiting effectiveness, outsourced recruiting services, employment branding and talent value proposition. We can also fully develop your recruiting program and process.

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Exceptionally powerful reporting capabilities that transform HR’s ability to proactively manage their workforce to ensure the organization has the right talent needed to achieve growth objectives. 

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Jeanne McCloskey joins as Vice-President of Recruitment Services

Boston, MA, September 24, 2018

Mary Grace Springthorpe joins as Executive Director, President of Recruitment Services

Boston, MA, June 25, 2018

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